Welcome to our media page! Here you can find our videos, interviews and other press on our lab.

Nov. 2022: Narly’s interview for article on the brain and language in Campus Junior magazine, for 8-12 year-old children (in French).

Oct. 2022: Our post doc Alessandra Rampinini was interviewed by Brain & Life Magazine on the brains of polyglots. Read here!

June. 2020: Narly’s interview on language aptitude in Campus Biotech magazine (in French, page 21).

Jan. 2022: Narly’s MultiMind Lecture is now available on Youtube.

June 2021: our post doc Alessandra Rampinini was featured in the NCCR Women Campaign, here is her interview!

Apr. 2016: Narly gave an interview to the Radio-Télévision-Suisse (in French) on the relationship between Music and the Brain.