The Brain and Language Lab aims at better understanding the brain functional and structural bases of auditory encoding, of speech and language, and of language-learning.




In particular, we use functional and structural brain imaging methods to study auditory, phonetic, and lexical processing, extending to multilingualism and to dyslexia, and to domain-general processes that modulate and are modulated by language processing and expertise.


Location and Funding

The lab is based at Cognitive Science Hub of the University of Vienna (Austria) and at the Campus Biotech in Geneva (Switzerland), and is funded principally by the Swiss National Science Foundation and by funding by the Evolving Language NCCR. 



Brain and Language Lab,
Cognitive Science Hub,
University of Vienna,
Kolingasse 14-16,
1090 Vienna, Austria


Brain and Language Lab,
Campus Biotech, H08 - 3rd floor,
Brain and Language Lab
9, Chemin des Mines
1202 Geneva, Switzerland 

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