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Some news!

Delighted to announce that Narly joined the CogSci Hub of University of Vienna!

Very grateful for the many years at Uni Geneva, with which I will remain affiliated. Looking forward to many fruitful collaborations and to building new bridges!!

Welcome, Irene!

Warmest welcome to Irene Balboni, who has joined the lab as PhD student (co-supervised by Raphael Berthele at Uni Fribourg)!

Heschl’s Gyrus segmentation tool from our lab

Our paper on the automatic segmentation of Heschl’s gyrus is published on Scientific Reports! 

It works great with FreeSurfer!

Examples of TASH (left, in blue) and FreeSurfer (middle, yellow outlines) HG segmentations in the right hemispheres of three representative participants, and the overlays of these (right).