Josué Luiz Dalboni da Rocha, PhD



Email: josue [dot] dalboni [at] unige [dot] ch



Previous education:

2013 - 2015 PhD in Biomedical Engineering (University of Florida, USA)

2009 - 2011 MSc in Biomedical Engineering (Universität zu Lübeck, Germany)

2004 - 2008 BSc in Civil Engineering (Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil)


Previous positions:

2011 - 2012 Research Assistant (Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, Germany)

2010 - 2011 Research Assistant (University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands​)

2005 - 2009 Research Beginner (Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil)​


Research interests:

My main interests include the analysis of brain imaging data to study human cognition and also to understand diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, Autism and Dyslexia. I am also very interested in the development of computational morphometry tools for quantification of various aspects of brain structure, and in studying the genetic basis of brain structure.



Journal publications:

1. Giulia Liberati, Josué Luiz Dalboni da Rocha, Linda van der Heiden, Antonino Raffone, Niels Birbaumer, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli, Ranganatha Sitaram (2012). Toward a Brain-Computer Interface for Alzheimer's Disease Patients by Combining Classical Conditioning and Brain State Classification. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, v. 03, p. 1.

2. Rana, M., Gupta, N., Dalboni Da Rocha, J. L., Lee, S., & Sitaram, R. (2013). A toolbox for real-time subject-independent and subject-dependent classification of brain states from fMRI signals. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 7, 170. doi:10.3389/fnins.2013.00170


Congress papers:

1. Rocha J.L.D., Cabus R.C. Development of a computational code for analysis of the insolation in facades with external obstruction. Maceio, Brazil. Iberian Latin American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineering, 2008.

2. Rocha J.L.D., Machado A.C., Lages E.N. A finite element for local analysis of the mechanical behavior of tubes. Maceio, Brazil. Iberian Latin American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineering, 2008.

3. Rocha J.L.D., Cabus R.C. Generator of reports for study of the insolation in facades. Brazilian Meeting of Technology in the Built Environment. Fortaleza, Brazil. 2008.


Invited Talks:

1. Rocha J.L.D. On the role of structure/function relationships in the formation of functional connectivity networks. Brazilian Congress on Brain, Behaviour and Emotion. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2012.